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10 Examples of amalgamation of nature and architecture

Every little thing in Nature is Architecture – the entropic association of bushes in a forest. The hexagonal pods in a beehive, the composition of straw and leaves in a chicken’s nest, all the things! Nevertheless, for people, the structure has now been diminished to the buildings and cities and that's all. Now whereas

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Architecture salary: Highest paying firm for architects around

What are the common Architecture salary and highest paying firm? Are you here for this question’s answer right? So, don’t worry and continue reading the archEstudy article ahead. We tried to solve your doubt, Do architects make good money? Or what's the beginning pay money for architects? Knowing the numerical

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Zaha Hadid & her Architecture philosophies

Iraqi-British Architect Zaha Hadid (1950–2016) left a permanent mark on the field of architecture by her Architecture Philosophy. Her striking structures elegance the horizons of significant metropolitan urban areas. While her item plans, including furniture, jewelry, lighting, and shoes, can be found in homes the world over. The limit-pushing architect—seemingly

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OMA ‘s Underwater Art Park : The ReefLine

OMA is building the Underwater Art Park in Miami. 7- Mile long underground water park will stretch from South Beach to north beach and will be visible while snorkeling. The ReefLine is the name of this underground sculpture park. The origin of Underwater Art Park Designers of this Project -

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Top 5 Examples of Sustainability in modern architecture

In today's modern world, Sustainability is shaping the building form of architecture in different ways. This article on archEstudy contains some of the examples of sustainability in modern architectural form. Sustainability, in this modern world, is shaping the building form in different ways in the present context of architecture. These

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5 Representations of Technology in the World of

We, humans, have a tendency to evolve. And, this tendency only makes everything easier for us. From farming to architecture, what we had a century ago, is miles better than what we have evolved into now. The 21st century is the era of technology, and every possible domain is related

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Best laptop for Architecture students in 2021

A laptop gives you flexibility in work and having laptops for Architecture students is the best thing, you can work with a laptop from anywhere at any time, as per your need. With a laptop, you can work on your academic as well as designing skills too.  As an architecture student, we

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Tiny Home: Architectural growth of Houses on wheels

What are tiny Homes or houses? There is no one definition of tiny houses. Some think size alone makes a home small, where others may consider the philosophy that goes along smaller spaces. Our working definition differentiates a tiny house from other small dwellings. Like laneway homes/granny suites, RVs and mobile homes, modular units,

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Building case studies

Khushro Ansari

Bill Gates owns a House named Xanadu 2.0 on a slope in Washington, that stands to disregard Lake Washington in …


The Interlace is an apartment building complex in Queenstown, Singapore. The Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) and Ole Scheeren is …

Khushro Ansari

Cargotecture: The Architecture of Shipping containers is a procedure to use the containers in order to make buildings that functions …

Khushro Ansari

The Star Apartments was built in 2014 by Michael Maltzan and has been located in Los Angeles’ Skid Row. It …

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Design proposal for a new Mosque and Hospital at Ayodhya

The Indo Islamic Cultural Foundation (IICF) Trust unveiled the futuristic design of the proposed mosque at Ayodhya. The chief designer Prof SM

Things to Know about the New Parliament House, India

On 10 December 2020, PM Narendra Modi with other Parliament members did a groundbreaking ceremony of the New Parliament Building. The New

Tiny Home: Architectural growth of Houses on wheels

What are tiny Homes or houses? There is no one definition of tiny houses. Some think size alone makes a home small, where others may