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CEPT - School of Architecture: The School of Learning Not For Teaching

CEPT – School of Architecture: The School of Learning Not...

CEPT- the School of Architecture is how it was started. Their first project done by the Ahmedabad Education Society with the help of the...

Phillips Exeter Academy Library – Class of 1945

The Phillips Exeter Academy Library is a library serving Phillips Exeter Academy, a private boarding school in Exeter, New Hampshire, United States. It also...
Sabarmati Ashram

Sabarmati Ashram- Ahmedabad, India

Sabarmati Ashram was placed in Ahmedabad at the Kocharab house of Jivanlal Desai, a barrister. Afterward, it had been shifted to the banks of the Sabarmati stream. Gandhi stayed at the Ashram...
Salk Institute - A Louis Kahn Masterpiece

Salk Institute – A Louis Kahn Masterpiece

The Salk Institute in San Diego is one of the earliest institutes for biological research. That endeavored for the sustenance of humankind, as envisioned...

Habib University- Design A Learning Community

The ideology itself stands as an unprecedented idea in the context of Karachi. Institutes in Karachi are mostly revolves around isolated formal learning. Whereas Habib University envisioned it as space where the three diverse disciplines; Science, Engineering, and Arts were interlocked to create a mutually benefitting atmosphere. The architectural translation of the ideology was achieved through a symbiotic relationship between the three key elements; interactivity, openness, and environmentally friendly. The architects aimed to strategize these elements to create active spaces that enhance interdisciplinary interaction in the university.
Aranya Art Center

Aranya Art Center

Neri&hu's Aranya Art Centre in Qinhuangdao is one of the few structures plugged into the Aranya gold coast Seaview resort. Apart from the art...

Alhamra Art Council- Aga Khan Award Winner

Completing a puzzle is sometimes very frustrating, each piece has a very particular placement. It has to fit very perfectly with the right side and the left side; Alhamra was the missing puzzle of Mall road. It is located on Mall road; a very significant construction of the Colonial period. The road ties its ends to two diversified characters of the city; Modern and traditional and the site is located at the transitory junction. It required the cultural center to encapsulate the vibrancy of traditional architecture and the simplicity of modern architecture within one structure
California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, USA

California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, USA

The California Academy of Sciences could be a natural history museum in San Francisco, California. That's among the biggest museums of explanation within the world, housing over twenty-six million specimens. Also, the Academy began in 1853...
Entrepreneurship Development Institute

Entrepreneurship Development Institute – Hasmukh C. Patel Architects

Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) in Ahmedabad is an autonomous institute that aims to build institutes for entrepreneurs through intensive training programs. That...
Blavantnik School of Government - Forum of Integrity

Blavantnik School of Government – Forum of Integrity

The Blavantnik School of Government at the University of Oxford is the United Kingdom’s first school of government. The project dedicates to the determined...



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