Vastu direction for home
Vastu direction for home

Orientation of a building is important to avoid wasting energy and to create a stronger house, which could be comfortable for living at an equivalent time and provides positive energy, state, prosperity, and wealth to the occupants. A living place and its direction correlate with the motility things of the planets with relevance to the north. Their area unit total of eight directions North, South, East, and West area unit said as cardinal directions and conjointly the aim where any of the two directions meet is term intercardinal or ordinal purpose like NE, SE, SW, NW. These directions are units that gave much importance to Vastu Shastra.

As we all know that there are main five natural elements, which play an important role in Vastu Shastra. The natural elements are- water, air, fire, earth, and sky. They are also known as “Panch Tatva”.

Vastu Direction for Home
Panch Tatva

Now, we will look at how the proper placement of spaces can be done according to Vastu.

Vastu Purush
Vastu Direction for Home
Vastu Direction for Home

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Ideal direction for the entrance of the home according to Vastu

As we all know, the entrance is the space from which energies enter our homes. From the entrance, we can check and that’s the important factor from which we can know. Most auspicious directions for the entrance are: This means when you enter you must face North, East, North-East. And inauspicious directions are South, South-West, North-West (Northside), or South-East (East side). 

As mentioned above we should keep our house’s entrance always clean. Don’t put garbage bags, broken furniture, or anything at the house’s entrance.

Direction for entrance

Ideal direction for placement of Pooja room

The most auspicious directions for the Pooja room are North-East, East, or North(first preference). Also, the second-best position is the West zone. Never construct or build Pooja room in the South direction. Also, avoid placing Pooja room beneath the staircases and next to the toilets to ensure negative energy. 

Vastu Direction for Home
Direction for pooja room

Ideal direction for placement of the Living room

Also, the living room is another important place, where all family members are gathering and spending quality time with each other. However, the living room is a place where guests can be entered and spent time. The preferable direction is East, North or North-East. 

Direction for living room

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Ideal direction for placement of Kitchen according to Vastu

We all know that kitchen is the place that represents food. The kitchen is maintained in a good manner so that it can block negative energy and bring positive energy. The first preferred direction is the South-East zone of the house. The second preferred direction is -East zone of the house. The third preferred direction is the North-West zone of the house. If it’s not good then it leads to so many problems like many health-related issues, and negative energy. 

Direction for kitchen

Ideal direction for placement of Bedroom

As we all know that it is a very special zone, where you sleep and spend most of your time after work or anything in the bedroom. The most preferable direction for Master Bedroom is the South-West zone that offers perfect balance. The second preferable directions are West, North and then South. 

Direction for master bedroom

The preferable direction for the children’s bedroom in the North zone. Avoid the South zone for the Children’s bedroom. Don’t keep television, and mirrors as they create a distraction for children.  

If you want to make a guest bedroom, then the most preferable direction for it is the North-West zone.

Vastu Direction for Home
Direction for guest bedroom

Also, the best direction for sleeping is- your head toward South or West. Never put your head in the North direction, while sleeping. Because it’s inauspicious. 

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Ideal direction for placement of Bathroom & Toilets according to Vastu

The most preferable direction for the bathroom is East, because after bathing it is good to have sun rays on the open body. 

The most preferable direction for the toilet is between South-West and west. Never construct a toilet in the North-East zone, South-East zone, East zone, or the centre of the house. The toilet seat should be placed so that the person using it should be facing toward the northern or southern direction- which is good according to Vastu. 

Ideal direction for placement of Dining Room

The preferable direction for the dining room is the west zone of the house. Other directions- East and North are good but South is inauspicious for Dining room. 

Vastu Direction for Home
Direction for dining room

Ideal direction for placement of Study Room

The best location for the Study room is between the west and south-west. As a result, the child can concentrate and focus on studies rather than other activities. 

Ideal direction for placement of Store Room according to Vastu

The best location for the store room is North-West zone of the house. Avoid constructing it in the North-East zone. 

Direction for storeroom

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Ideal direction for placement of Staircase

The staircase is the element that is used for vertical transpiration, which means that connects the upper floor of the house with the lower floor. The best direction for it is South-West. Never construct a staircase in the North-East zone or Brahmasthan. There should not be a toilet, bedroom, or kitchen under the staircase. 

Vastu Direction for Home
Direction for staircase

Ideal direction for placement of Water tank

There are two types of water tanks- underground water tanks and overhead water tanks.

  • For underground water tank – the ideal directions are North, North-East, and North-West zone as it represents water. 
  • For the overhead water tank- the ideal direction is South-West and if it is not possible then you can construct it in the South zone of the West direction.
Direction for water tank

Ideal direction for placement of Septic tank according to Vastu

The best direction for the septic tank is South of South-West and if it is not possible then you can make it in the same direction as a toilet. 

The important point to be kept in mind

Always remember that you will keep the centre of your home empty or light. Also, don’t put heavy objects in it.

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