Aqsa Kanwal

Aqsa is an architecture student and a self-taught writer. With a keen interest in urban planning and cartography. She believes that words are the fourth or the unseen dimension of a space that can enable people to connect to spaces more than ever thus aiming to empower the architecture community through her voice.

Habib University- Design A Learning Community

The ideology itself stands as an unprecedented idea in the context of Karachi. Institutes in Karachi are mostly revolves around isolated formal learning. Whereas Habib University envisioned it as space where the three diverse disciplines; Science, Engineering, and Arts were interlocked to create a mutually benefitting atmosphere. The architectural translation of the ideology was achieved through a symbiotic relationship between the three key elements; interactivity, openness, and environmentally friendly. The architects aimed to strategize these elements to create active spaces that enhance interdisciplinary interaction in the university.

Alhamra Art Council- Aga Khan Award Winner

Completing a puzzle is sometimes very frustrating, each piece has a very particular placement. It has to fit very perfectly with the right side and the left side; Alhamra was the missing puzzle of Mall road. It is located on Mall road; a very significant construction of the Colonial period. The road ties its ends to two diversified characters of the city; Modern and traditional and the site is located at the transitory junction. It required the cultural center to encapsulate the vibrancy of traditional architecture and the simplicity of modern architecture within one structure

345 Telenor Campus by ARCOP- A Modern Approach

Telenor is one of the largest telecommunication companies in Pakistan, serving the country for almost the past two decades. It pledges to support the socio-economic development of its user and progress towards a sustainable technological future. The new headquarter of the Telenor stands as a tangible statement of the pledges that it beheld. It was designed by a renowned architectural firm; ARCOP in 2014.

Bait-Ur-Rauf- A contemporary Approach to Austerity

Bait-ur-Rauf; a mosque designed by Marina Tabassum, in 2010 is a simple structure that seamlessly blends in its context. The mosque is devoid of a dome or a minaret as the architect believed that the religious center must have a spiritual essence rather than its formal articulation to resemble the existing stereotypical image of a mosque.