Ruchika Deshpande

Ruchika is a sensitive writer who enjoys the minute details of architectural vocabulary. She works for better architectural communication with project writing, conservation, and landscapes as her forfeits.

Architecture of Auroville: Top 10 places for architects.

Auroville is an experimental, yet no nation's land that thrives on the principles of peace, harmony, knowledge, and upliftment in architecture. The architecture of Auroville caters to nationalities, cultures, and castes while specifically being a universal town. Apart from a free soul to architecture,...

Architectural heritage of Jaisalmer :10 places for architects

Architectural heritage of Jaisalmer
Jaisalmer, the golden city of India, rising far above the sands of the Thar desert of Rajasthan, come into the picture in the 12th century under the hands of the Rajput king Rawal Jaisal. The city swims in color pools of golden yellow hues,...

The architectural heritage of Bhopal – Top 10 places for architects.

Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, is much more than the gas leak of 1984. Spread between the Vindhya and Singarcholi mountains lies the city of lakes - Bhopal. Though Bhopal is a city with wide roads and green spaces, a flavor of...

Architecture of Indian cities: Top 10 cities for architects.

Introduction to Indian cities: "Successful, vibrant, happy cities arise out of the visions of many, not the powerful few." Personifying this quote by Jane Jacobs, the architecture of Indian cities evolves and guides the way through a unique and crucial framework. This physical and visual...

The Acropolis Museum by Bernard Tschumi Architects

The Acropolis Museum, located in Makryianni district, Greece, sits close to the Parthenon, roughly 1000 feet away from the heritage site. Apart from a modern urban fabric, its top floor provides a panoramic view of the city. The program for the Museum is pretty...

10 Examples of biodegradable materials in architecture.

As an architect, we need to overlook the whole life-cycle of a building, especially after demolition. How we tackle the demolition waste becomes just as crucial as saving landscape while designing. Though architects use wood, rubble, and bricks for other jobs on the construction...

Top 5 Green Building Certifications of India

Green building certifications of India are a series of rating figures and tools for building construction. Apart from recording a building's response to the environment, they also measure its performance for sustainability. Thus, it not only boosts the overall quality but also ensures a...

The history of architecture – From pre-historic to modernism.

Man is a social animal and, food, shelter, and clothing are his basic needs. Even before tracing the roots of the history of architecture as a coined term, the nomadic man aided shelter construction and design. These ideas and techniques evolved in obscure locations...

10 Plants for vertical Building Facades of India.

“Think vertical, go green "; an inventive voice speaks up against the rigid concrete heat pads. As landscapes disappear, cities cut with sharp angles of glass appear to disconnect from the sky. Thus, urbanism gets separated from nature. Green walls are an anti-dote to...

The Sky Habitat – The matrix of homes by Safdie Architects.

Sky-habitat is a thirty-eight storied residential complex that towers high from Bishan, a residential area of suburban Singapore. Though this residential development probes the expressions and socialism of the neighborhood as a society within a high-density living, It dramatizes green pockets of landscape and...



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kanchanjunga apartments
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