Petronas twin towers
Petronas twin towers

The Petronas twin towers, square measure twin skyscrapers in the Malaysian capital, Malaysia. As a result, according to the council on tall buildings and concrete surroundings (ctbuh)’s official definition and ranking, they were the tallest buildings within the world from 1998 to 2004 and remain the tallest twin towers within the world. So the project site is well situated within the heart of the business district of the town, the golden triangle. The towers aren’t solely far-farming for height however additionally for the look method that influences the look and particularization of the building.

Petronas twin towers
Petronas twin towers


Initially, the guts of Malaysia’s capital town stood at a 40-hectare site. Which had once been occupied by the Selangor turf club. native authorities had set to reclaim the land in an exceedingly bid to assist ease the growing traffic in Kaula. however, within the finish, this left a tract of land within the heart of town.

In 1991, native authorities in Malaysian capital, set to offer town a city district with the park of 20ha, workplace buildings, looking and residences, a masjid and different constructions.

Putting 2 extremely tall buildings on that, represent Malaysia’s increasing wealth and also the nation’s need to feature a lot of conspicuously on the international stage. Therefore the Petronas towers sparked a nation’s pride and came to symbolize Malaysia’s jaunt into the twenty-first century.

The project’s developers were consortium investors besides the Malaysian government and also the national company Petronas. The Petronas tower square measure impressed by the previous prime minister cask Dhegiha their Mohamad’s vision for Malaya to be a world player. Together, with master creator Cesar Pelli alongside Dejay Cerico, j.c. Guinto and Dominic saibo.

Petronas twin towers
history of highrises

Petronas twin towers case study

  • Height of the towers: 452m(1482.6ft) (above street level)
  • Numbers of floors: 88 floors (occupiable)
  • Gross building area: 2.3 million sq ft. (each tower)
  • Height of pinnacle: 241 feet.
  • Size of floor plate(gross):lower floor – 28,239 sqft and upper floor -22,490 sq ft to 10,000 sq ft
  • Typical floor to floor height: 13 feet 2 inches.
  • Finished ceiling height: 8 feet 8 inches.
  • Raised floor: 5 inches (floor 8 to floor 72).
  • Sky lobby: level 41 to 42. (include, conference center, dining facilities, and prayer room)

Site and surrounding

Located within the golden triangle of Malaysian capital (a site that’s center geographically and additionally graphically). Within the previous few decades, kl has been growing at an amazing rate and undergone several changes because of economic prosperity, dynamic fashion, and land pressures within the town, these changes arise to the golden triangle. As a result, the economic boom years the 1970s and 1980 created the world terribly engaging for developers and speculators.

Petronas twin towers
1.Petronas twin towers


The towers describe ancient motifs of Muslim art, conformity to the Malaysian Muslim heritage, combined with innovative technology. Therefore the looks were impressing by characteristics of Muslim design like repetitive geometries.

Petronas twin towers
Concept of twin towers

Soil and foundation

  • Irregular bedrock at a lower place the location. Perimeter diaphragm walls 2′ 6″ thick.
  • Underground forest of friction piles providing bigger distribution of the towers weight: solution
  • 2 raft foundations, 15′ thick, containing 13,000 humor of concrete.
  • 300,000 metric loads of each tower cover concrete slab or mat anchored to soil, not bed rock.
  • 208 pin piles, rectangular 9ft x 4ft, 197ft to 380ft management subsidence.
  • The towers rest on RCC foundation mat poured over piles.

Structural Design

Cast-in-situ concrete is employed in deep friction pin foundations. Also the continuous cap/mat beneath every tower. Structural steel is employing for long-span typical floor beams. In addition, concrete is employing in foundations, within the central core stabilizer beams link core and perimeter at levels thirty-eight to forty for additional potency.

Petronas twin towers
design concept of Petronas towers

Structural systems

Each tower is supporting by a hoop of sixteen cylindrical columns on the inner corners of an angular setup. As every tower ascends, it sets back vi times. Columns square measure slanting inward over 3 stories. Therefore reinforcing bars square measure adscititious to ring beam’s floor slabs to resist the lateral thrust. Which is like a type of soft tube.

Interior of Petronas twin towers

Designs and patterns of the doorway halls’ vestibule replicate Traditional handicrafts and ‘songket’, or weaving. Additionally,
the wall panels and screens are impressing by hardwood Carvings from the East Coast of terra firma Malaya. Also the floor
Designs square measure supported Byzantine patterns of pandan weaving and bertam palm wall matting.

Planning of Petronas twin towers

Exterior of Petronas towers

Moreover, each tower is about back 5 times in its ascent to keep up the Vertical axis and tapering of the look. And the walls of the top floors are slanting inward to taper and meet the Pinnacle.

Exterior of Petronas towers Sources:

The center core of Petronas towers

•Its central core in every tower, accommodate – lifts, exit stairs, Mechanical services
•And extremely bolstered thick corner walls resist wind
•The outer walls thickness 750 to 350 millimeter
• Also inner walls constant 350 millimeter

elements of Petronas towers

Pinnacle of Petronas tower

  • Every tower topped by- seventy-three m tapering top
  • Accommodates – building maintenance machine, aviation lighting, and lightning protection
  • Because of the steep sloping column
  • Also concrete construction impractical
  • steel used throughout
Pinnacle of Petronas tower

Skybridge at Petronas twin towers

The bridge is a hundred and seventy m higher than the bottom and 58.4 m long deliberation 750 tons. Also, a ‘two-hinge arch’ springing from supports at level twenty-nine and rising at sixty-three degrees to support a try of parallel two-span continuous bridge girders at level forty-one. As a result the two-hinge arch supporting the bridge has motion pins at the top of every leg or ‘spring purpose and at the highest or ‘crown’ of the arch, most bridge girders have a motion pin directly over the arch crown to allow the crown to rise and fall because the towers move nearer or additional apart.

Material of Petronas towers

More than 60% of the materials utilizing in the project were sourced domestically. The Petronas towers’ development marked the primary use of high-strength concrete in Malaya by native trade, at a comparatively economic value. Native materials, for example, Malaysian wood, Terengganu granite, marble, and glass were extensively used. However, the parts of the stainless steel protective covering and vision-glass curtain walls were made up domestically in Malaya by a US firm. About 80,000 cubical meters of high-strength concrete with thirty 37,000 loads of steel were accustomed type the frames of each tower. With eighty-eight floors of concrete and steel facade, glass. Which have a complete of 32,000 windows. As a result, the soils have steel frames resting on concrete plates. Most entrance lobbies and public use square measure embellished with moldings and reflected glass panels.

Activities in Petronas towers

Firstly, Tower 1: Petronas head quarters offices

Secondly, Tower 2: mostly private tenants, local and international private tenants, suria klcc(mall) holdings, some vacant areas for rent petroleum research center 4 storey basement parking etc.

Also, you will initially be seating in an exceedingly little cinema to look at a brief film concerning the corporate Petronas. Once strolling back from Suria mall you may reach the price tag counter by walking to the exit.

Activities of Petronas twin towers

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