The Interlace is an apartment building complex in Queenstown, Singapore. The Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) and Ole Scheeren is the designers of this famous building. The apartment building is different from the other standard buildings in Singapore. The thing that makes the apartment stand out from other buildings is the architecture of the apartment building.

  • Area: 170,000 square meters
  • Country: Singapore
  • Roof: 291 ft.
  • Floor Count: 31
  • Number of Apartments: 1,040
  • Architects: OMA, Ole Scheeren
  • Year: 2013


Top View of The Interlace in Singapore by and Ole Scheeren

The size of every apartment in Interface is different from each other. This building has 1,040 apartments in an area of 170,000 square meters. The floor area of the apartment is kind of gross. The approach is different from the other typical apartment buildings in Singapore. The structure of the interlace helps the building to look different from others.

The Interlace in Singapore by and Ole Scheeren
Rendered Top View source:

The designers of the apartment gave the building a new identity in the apartment. However, the apartment is six-story tall and all the blocks of the building are arranged in a hexagonal shape. The building contains thirty-one apartment blocks. Each block has the same height. In fact, every block of the building has six stories.

Drone View of The Interlace in Singapore by Ole Scheeren

The Green area of The Interlace

The Interlace is 112% green than any other apartment building in Singapore. Accordingly, the apartment has the maximum presence of nature than other places and buildings. It shows the presence of nature and greenery with extensive sky terraces, balconies, and roof gardens.

The Interlace in Singapore by and Ole Scheeren
The Interlace in Singapore by Ole Scheeren

The Interlace works through environmental analysis. The environmental analysis is sustainable and works for the analysis of wind, sun and also micro-climate conditions. The interlocking of the sky gardens with the vertical village creates both public and private roof terraces.

Green space source:

Architecture of The Interlace:

Concept of The Interlace in Singapore by Ole Scheeren

As we informed you OMA, Ole Scheeren is the designer of the Interlace apartment. The design they made was too different than other apartments and buildings in Singapore. It has 112% more greenery than any other apartment. As we all know it is so unique apartment building.


We have three core types of stories and those stories are 6, 18 and 24. However, designers used these stories to overlap the stacked apartment blocks. The core story usually helps to serve different units. The core story specifically provides circulation without long corridors. Core lobby brings daylight and fresh air into the common areas. The lobby is naturally lit and ventilated.

Floor arrangements of the Interlace source:  © OMA Ole Scheeren

The Interior of the Interlace

The design generates multiple horizontal surfaces with the help of stacking the apartment. The surfaces have landscaped terraces and roof gardens. The gardens and terraces provide 112% greenery it is more than the size of the unbuilt site.

Plan of The Interlace in Singapore by Ole Scheeren source: © OMA Ole Scheeren

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