Antilia – The Richest Man’s Massive Residence
Antilia – The Richest Man’s Massive Residence

Why does a person need theatre, hotels, or any other recreational space when he/she has everything in his/her own residence? Hold your excitement for a while and join us to take a small tour of the expensive mansion through our blog.

Antilia – The Richest Man’s Massive Residence
View of Antilia

Case Study of Antilia

  • Location:Altamont Road, South Mumbai
  • Architects:Perkins + Will Associates and Hirsch Bedner Associates
  • Height:173 meters (568feet)
  • Area:37,000 sq. m. (4,00,000 sq. Ft)
  • Building Type: Residential Building


This Luxury mansion in Altamont road, South Mumbai “Antilia” is named after a fictitious island near the Atlantic Ocean. Of course, this residence is itself like an island comprised of every facility that a human needs. Also, this mansion has 27 stories, is erected at a height of 173 meters (568feet), and covers approximately 37,000 sq. m. (4,00,000 sq. Ft). This also has the world’s tallest green wall so far and it will outdo many star hotels when it comes to its amenities. However, Antilia in Mumbai is the second-largest residential building in the world.

Front View of AntiliaView of Antilia
Antilia – The Richest Man’s Massive Residence
Front View of AntiliaView of Antilia

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Astounding design of Antilia

  • The main theme that followed throughout the design of this mansion is sun and lotus.
  • The interior is designed in such a way that every floor has a unique design and usesdifferent materials. The interior is done without repeating the design and material that is used in one floor. The idea taken to blend different architecture styles and patterns.
  • Materials that are used to do Interior works arecrystal, pearl, marble, rare wood, etc.
Interior of Antilia
Antilia – The Richest Man’s Massive Residence
Lord Siva Sculpture at the Garden

Extravagant Amenities

Design of Antilia
  • As, we said earlier this skyscraper mansion has 27 storeys, 3 helipads and terrace gardens.
  • An entire floor is allocate for outdoor gardens.
  • The entrance lobby has 9 super fats elevators for visitors, staffs and family members.
Antilia – The Richest Man’s Massive Residence
Picture of Entrance Lobby

Design of Antilia

  • The Reliance office is located on the Ground floor.
  • 6 floors are allocated as a car parking garage for 165 cars and Ambani has hiscar service station on the 7th floor.
  • Two separate storeys are design for guests to stay.
  • The last 4 storeys of this mansion are the private residence of Ambani’s family.They are designed in such a way that it gives is an abundant of sunlight and panoramic of Arabian sea
  • 3 Helipads are located at the topmost of the building and beneath that air control area is designed to take control of helicopters.
  • Apart from all these amenities, they also have a deluxe private theatre that accommodate up to 50 people and a terrace garden on its roof. 
  • However, two separate storeysdesigned as recreational space. These levels include separate studios for dance and yoga, separate gyms for each family member, aHealth spa, a large ball room, a salon, a jacuzzi and multiple swimming pools.
Reference Picture of Jacuzzi inside Antilia

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  • Also, they have a mega temple inside the house, an ice cream parlour, an entourage room for assistants and bodyguards of guests and to our surprise, they have a snow room inside their residence where snowflakes spit out from the wall to beat the heat of Mumbai.
Antilia – The Richest Man’s Massive Residence
View from Inside
Reference image of Helipads
  • Each floor is of double storey height. So, technically Antilia is a 60-storey building.
Reference image for Double story Height
Antilia – The Richest Man’s Massive Residence
Interior of Antilia
Interior of Antilia
  • This luxury mansion is design to withstand 8 Ritcher scale of earthquake.
  • The 600 workers appointed to maintain this lavish residence.

Green Zone at Antilia

However, Antilia has the tallest green wall in the world. In addition, they irrigate by an automatic fertigation unit. Which is installed to inject water-soluble fertilizers. This irrigation system is can only operate from the BMS room, it is also a previous program system. However, apart from this tallest hanging garden. They also have a green zone inside the residence too. Also, Antilia is a combination of luxury, massiveness, and green spaces.

Antilia – The Richest Man’s Massive Residence
The Green Wall

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