ashwinikumar crematorium
ashwinikumar crematorium

Ashwinikumar Crematorium is located at a stairway on the banks of the stream Tapti in Surat. There are five gas furnaces with supporting activities like the registration and administrative offices, storage, and huge tracts of the non-specified areas.

Ashwinikumar Crematorium
model of Ashwinikumar Crematorium

•Location: Surat
•Architect: Marthoo Architects
•Client: Narayan Trust
•Site Area: 1.3 Acers
•Opening Year: 1999

Site Surroundings of Ashwinikumar Crematorium

It is located on the banks of the stream Tapi in Surat, Gujarat. On the other side of the road is a commercial and industrial complex. Also, there is adjacent to the crematorium, there’s a railway bridge crossing the watercourse.

Ashwinikumar Crematorium
Site Surroundings of Ashwinikumar Crematorium
Ashwinikumar Crematorium
Design Interpretation of Ashvinikumar crematorium

Site Area

Allowing the most space for landscape purposes, built-up is overlapping from every edge. Several divisions square measure created just in case of space or allotment for administration. Areas are well-defining despite being in an open plan. So the processional route goes undisturbed through all the other spaces such are body washing area or waiting or maybe public conveniences.

Zoning of Ashwinikumar Crematorium

The site is extremely well zoned consistent with the usage by each folk and also the management. Broadly, before of the location is administration, canteen, store, Employees quarters. It additionally enclosed areas like waiting areas and public conveniences. Whereas, the backside is the crematoriums a pair of ancient wood systems, and 5 inbuilt gas chambers. And enveloping both kinds of crematoriums are the inexperienced landscape areas.

Ashwinikumar Crematorium
layout of crematorium


The entrance to the location is from Fulpada Road. Inside the complex, the sense of direction isn’t outlining because of being open plan. Also, the visitors along with the body are supposing to follow the processional route to the cremation area. Meanwhile, the chief griever will register and fill the forms.

Administration and Canteen at Ashwinikumar Crematorium

Once the complex is entered, the administration is on the right-hand facet, and the canteen is on the left facet. The crematorium is taken by the Narayan trust since 1982. On the other hand, there are 30-35 bodies cremated here majorly possessions to the Hindu community.

Ashwinikumar Crematorium
Sections of Ashvinikumar Crematorium


The wood used for cremation is kept on site. Moreover, there’s a service road on the complex that allows transport moment directly to the store. Within the store, facilities of weight the wood and cutting of wood are obtainable. It blocks presently with wood stacks. This is also the backside of the worker’s quarter on the above floors.

Waiting and Open sitting of Ashwinikumar Crematorium

Throughout the location, open sitting is inbuilt in the structure of the complex. Whereas close to the entrance, there is a wooden bench sitting providing for folks to sit and prayers are held here. In addition, several architectural elements like edge skylights are present here.

Gas Cremation Chamber

Management of the gas chamber is separate. LPG pipeline is connecting with the chambers. On the other hand, a body takes 1.5hours to burn totally. The gas used in one day is 15-17kg depending on the number of bodies arriving on a selected day. Which is a curve element to capture keep defend it from the wind.

Some Spaces of Ashvinikumar Crematorium

Wood Cremation at Ashwinikumar Crematorium

There are 2 ancient pile burning systems within the complex. When the building design, each of them was kept together but because of heat issues, one was shifted on the outer facet in an open shed. The ceiling is terribly black because of the soot made.

Materials of Construction

The construction material is using especially exposed concrete. As a result, for the cremation purpose, gas Chamber units are put in and iron cases were using for the Wood pier Chimneys were put in on every Gas chamber unit, to direct the smoke.

Elevations of Ashvinikumar Crematorium

Experiences and some spaces of Ashwinikumar Crematorium

The Entrance:
  • Blind wall with a slim slit gap.
  • Nothing of the within is visible, stressing the unknown.
  • A tree accentuated by the shafts of sunshine punctuates one’s arrival.
  • Reciprocating Life, the sunshine on the wall narrates the ever-changing nature of the day.
  • Nothing else is revealing; the best-known becomes acutely restricted.

Meditation Plane at Ashwinikumar Crematorium
  • Suspended between the best-known and also the Unknown.
  • Folding out from the planet produces a level of reason cutting through the realm of chaos.
  • Upon every level, the understood shatters under the pressure of the yet unknown; what proportion is that the traversed, and the way a lot of remains?
  • A solitary existence awaits those insulated within the extended gallery; a grip in an area, floating and yet well-grounded.

The Furnace Chambers
  • A row of crescent-like walls encloses the furnaces, secluding the family from the globe outside.
  • Each day, a strip of natural light penetrates each alcove; a bright line slowly creeps down the curved walls towards the planet.
  • Approaching chic contact.
  • Glimpses out onto the watercourse, and also the contact flow of the running breeze convey an as yet unknown future: a life beyond.
The Pavilion at Ashwinikumar Crematorium
  • watercourse meets the ground; the waters keep it up to their infinite cycle of ebb and flow.
  • The compress plane of repose, elevating high higher than the channel of the watercourse, turns the initial perception the other way up.
  • Against the closed backdrop of that which is left lies the huge openness of future, unrevealed, unapproachable, and yet a restless influence.
  • The frame, the seat, the backdrop all disappear, leaving only the watercourse of life and also the edge.
  • The sting of reflection and selection for the mourners.
The Ramp

A narrowing ramp exaggerates the views.
– That which appears longer overlaps time, space, one exit from the building passes slowly with the comprehension of modification.
– In front, a slim slit, void and intuitive.
– wanting back, tower, thick and big.

Ramp at entrance

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