The Rainbow Tree Tower - Breathing Building, Philippines
The Rainbow Tree Tower - Breathing Building, Philippines

Urban heat is one of the preeminent crises in recent years. In spite of being conscious to live compatible with the environment, at times we fail to achieve that. And we humans are the ones who eradicate natural resources, as well as defend them. Still, we are at the mid-level in experimenting with designs and techniques to protect our Glob. Paris-based Architect Vincent Callebaut designed a condominium tower that surmounts all the bioclimate experiments that are accomplished so far. The rainbow tree tower in Cebu, Philippines is titled after an iconic tree of the Philippines “Eucalyptus Deglupta” which is also commonly called “The rainbow tree”. This 115m high tower slams down the record of tallest timber tower Majestarnet, Norway.

The Rainbow Tree Tower - Breathing Building, Philippines
The Rainbow tree tower

Case Study of The Rainbow tree tower

  • Location: Cebu, Philippines
  • Architect: Vincent Callebaut
  • Building Type: Condominium with Retail and Serviced Apartments
  • Plot: 2,245 sqm
  • Number of Apartments: 300 Units
  • Amenities: Swimming pool, fitness centre, Coworking space, Restaurant, Skyfarm.
  • Certification: LEED Gold Plus – BERDE 4 Stars (Established by the Philippine Green Building Council)
Eucalyptus Deglupta or The Rainbow Tree

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Salvaging heritage architecture of Philippines

Basically, Philippines architecture is a combination of American, Chinese, Spanish, Malaysian, and Austronesian. The rainbow tree tower is directly inspired by Bahay Kubo houses or Nipa huts or Hut houses. Bahay Kubo is nothing but an ancient architectural style of the Philippines. That typically built with locally available resources like wood or bamboo. Apart from this, the traditional Japanese technique Shou – Sugi – Banis had followed to protect woods from insects and also to increase their durability. Therefore, this building sets an example for the perfect balance of heritage culture and biodiversity.

The Rainbow Tree Tower - Breathing Building, Philippines
Sinusoidal Balconies

Construction Techniques of The Rainbow tree tower

View of The Building

As inspired by the traditional architecture style, the whole structure will stack by 1200 prefabricated CLT (Cross – Laminated Timber). Each timber module measures 4m on both sides and the height varying from 3.2m to 4.8m. However, the structure will build by superimposing the timber rods and connecting them all with organic adhesives. Moreover, timber does not release greenhouse and gas and its manufacturing process is less compared to steel and concrete. The black bands found in the ravishing interior are also wood material. The color has achieved by burning them which is also a traditional Japanese technique Yakisugi.

The Rainbow Tree Tower - Breathing Building, Philippines
Interior of Apartment unit

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Spaces and Amenities

This tower has 32 stories. Spaces divided as,

  • 3 basement levels -1 to -3 with 40 car parking per level.
  • Ground floor has Catering restaurant, Co – working office space and access ramp for silo car park.
  • 160 spaces for electric cars and again 40 car parking space per level are allocate from 3rd to 6th floors.
  • 7th floor has condominium pool and spa, Swimming pool has double height ceiling over it.
  • 8th floor is a mezzanine floor of fitness centre.
  • From 9th floor to 31st floor 13 apartment units of 3 bedroom are designed.
  • As this building is known for urban agriculture, 32nd floor is entirely allotted for urban sky farm. This also includes 2 mezzanine floors for cultivating vegetables and fruits.
  • Apart from all the amenities, 1650 Sq.m of the roof is provided with solar panels and multiple wind turbines to generate its own electricity.
Urban Farming
The Rainbow Tree Tower - Breathing Building, Philippines
7th and 8th floor
Representation of Bioclimatic Architecture and Sustainability

The Rainbow tree tower- Bioclimatic Building

The rainbow tree tower design focused on bioclimatic architecture and renewable energies. Further, it encourages flexible design. Moreover, apart from the central core and an exoskeleton façade, the building’s interior is completely liberated.

Interior of Co-Working space
The Rainbow Tree Tower - Breathing Building, Philippines
Interior of Apartment unit

Vertical farming architecture

This tower is notable for its sculpted balconies. 30,000 spices of tropical trees and plants used to adorn the tower. However, these endemic plants have listed according to their flowering color to resemble the rainbow tree. Also, these floras have said to capture 150 tons of Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere annually. This vertical forest will retrieve the freshness lost due to urban development and reduce Urban heat.

Showing its Vertical farming architecture
The Rainbow Tree Tower - Breathing Building, Philippines
Showing its Vertical farming architecture

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