Design proposal for a new Mosque and Hospital at Ayodhya

The Indo Islamic Cultural Foundation (IICF) Trust unveiled the futuristic design of the proposed mosque at Ayodhya. The chief designer Prof SM Akhtar and cultural archivist Prof Pushpesh explained that there will be no foundation-laying for the project, there is no such convention in Islam. On the 5 acre plot a masjid, hospital, and a community kitchen will be built. It is designed based on modern technology.


Mosque and Hospital at Ayodhya will be a futuristic type of design and will have an egg-shaped structure. The design of the new mosque will not have the stereotypical Islamic characters like minarets, domes, and arches. The architecture of the new masjid is very distinct from all the mosques around the world. The masjid understands modernity and will split from the past and will reflect the future in the most genuine spirit of Islam.

Trust unveils design of futuristic Ayodhya mosque, grand hospital (image source: indiatv)


The mosque is planned in the area of 1700 m2. This masjid is four times the size of the Babri masjid. The two-storeyed mosque will have a skylit dome. Zero energy is the principal component of the mosque. The masjid will have solar panels and a lively green patch of trees. It has the capacity to hold 2000 people at a time. Along with the mosque, 200-bed super-specialty hospital, a museum and an archival center, a library, and a community kitchen will be developed on the designated land. It will house the trust office and distribution house focusing on the research.

Design of new Hospital at Ayodhya (image source: ndtv)

The hospital will aim at the malnourished children and expectant women living in the surroundings. Which will be a part of the second phase of development. The hospital is 6 times the size of the Masjid.

Futuristic Design of new Hospital at Ayodhya (image source: ndtv)

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