The Etihad Museum, Dubai-UAE
The Etihad Museum, Dubai-UAE

The Etihad museum truly called the Union House, is an exhibition hall in Dubai. That gathers, preserves, and displays the legacy of the UAE in the space of social, political, social, logical, and military history.

It holds everything from old travel papers to individual relics of the leaders of the United Arab Emirates. The memorable marking of the constitution of the United Arab Emirates is the raising of the main UAE banner. That is to say, the arrangement of the UAE as a country on 2nd December 1971 occurred inside the space that frames the historical center today. However, the historical center is planned as a record to imply the marking of the UAE constitution.

The Etihad Museum-UAE

Case study- Overview

Design highlights of The Etihad Museum

  • The classic architecture of the museum is obtained from the shape of the constitution manuscript.
  • Personal relics of the seven leaders are displayed here.
  • A computerized and intelligent timetable of the unification of UAE.
  • An immense and comfortable library for itemized data about UAE.
  • A wonderful internal nursery by the passageway and a cascade give the spot an ethereal feel.
  • Free visit through the association house.
  • A banner shaft where the rulers assembled after the marking of the constitution.


The Etihad Museum is covered by 25,000 sq.m. of area. The shape of the constitution manuscript represents the wonderful architecture. In short, the parabolic rooftop addresses the material. Therefore, the constitution’s brilliant seven columns compose the entrance lobby. Besides, representing the pens used to sign to the arrangement. A broad white marbled court interfaces the structure with the Union House and the reproduced visitor house where the rulers remained during the exchanges.

Form evolution
Design stages

Design and Planning of The Etihad Museum

The gallery incorporates perpetual and transitory corridors, a theater, an instructive region, a sporting facility and is partitioned into eight structures. The guests get a brief look at the UAE’s rich legacy and life before the settlement investigating the occasions from 1968 to the zenith of the unification of Emirates in 1971 through 1974.

Above all, the lobbies each have an alternate subject committed to the Founding Fathers, where guests will get an opportunity to know every one of them through their photographs, individual statements decorating the dividers, individual curios like old visas, rings, eyeglasses and pocket watches, stamps, and letters and other uncommon things are in plain view. Meanwhile, the intelligent screens that give data about their memoir and genealogical records.

The Etihad Museum
Underground level plan

The intelligent timetable segment takes one on the excursion into the past showing the story and huge movies. Another part of the display is the Dubai intelligent guide which grandstands an all-encompassing perspective on the area before the unification.

The waterways segment uncovered the means prompting the establishment of the Union through a progression of pictures and shows looking like a water system channel. Moreover, the gallery library houses over 3,000 chronicled political and social books, an assortment of magazines, CDs, and different things identified with the UAE.

The Etihad Museum
Upper-level plan

The structure has Eight lasting Pavilions

  • One: This shows a narrative film about the historical backdrop of the UAE.
  • Two: Houses an all-encompassing intelligent guide featuring the period before the development of the organization.
  • Three: An intelligent timetable that shows key authentic occasions before the association. Al Maktoum Sheik Rashid containers Saeed Al Maktoum.
  • Four: An intelligent manual for the arrangement of the association.
  • Six: Homage to the significant minutes and difficulties faced by the principal architects before 1971.
  • Seven: This is devoted to the UAE Constitution and incorporates the real presentation itself.
  • Eight: The last structure is an open display commending the infant country.

Construction of The Etihad Museum

Abanos presented the advancement found all through the Etihad project. For instance, the principal exhibition hall building incorporates an acoustic roof that is, perplexing as far as both shape and tallness. It is demonstrated on the natural profile of the structure.

The Etihad Museum
Roof structure

The plan of the roof made enormous hindrances in creating and carrying out a particularly aspiring thought, as catching the amicable style of the gallery, while utilizing 100% custom materials, was another test for the Abanos group. Similarly, Huge scope, curved wooden columns, estimating 10 meters in tallness, stand predominantly all through the gallery. Every section comprises numerous MDF layers, each 18mm thick, fitted together. Like a figure, constructed piece by piece to finish the last designs.

Therefore, every 10-meter segment required assembling in segments. The sites in roughly 3-meter fragments, for definite gathering and establishment. Stand-out highlights of this venture additionally incorporate the interior fit-out of the Union House and Guest House. The Guest House brief required our group to protect the current construction and plan while resurfacing the house. Similarly, completes according to the first, from inside to outside, including dividers, deck, material, free and delicate furnishings, and cabinetry.

The Etihad Museum
Outer skin evolution
The Etihad Museum
On-site construction


Exterior: Double-curved skin with the steel superstructure, glass columns, glass fins, cladding with double-curved GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer),

Note: During construction, a calligraphic dual-colored gradient frit is substituted with cutting-edge glass coatings. Certainly, to maintain high levels of façade transparency whilst maintaining solar gain and glare control targets.

Interior: Pristine marble flooring, textured /ribbed black marble, wall clad in dune-like carved stone. Including, billowing white ceiling planes, carved wood columns, lusted of the bronze highlights.

The Etihad Museum
Building section


Etihad means ‘union’ in Arabic. A Canadian firm, Moriyama and Teshima Architects who has planned and designed the museum. In addition to, they also designed Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, and Waterloo Region Museum in Kitchener, Ontario. The seven principal architects endorsed the very spots of the constitution. And denoted the introduction of the United Arab Emirates. It annals the pivotal period of the UAE from the disclosure of oil, withdrawal of the British, and unification of the seven emirates.

The Etihad Museum
Museum-bird eye view

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