Titan Integrity Campus – Bangalore
Titan Integrity Campus – Bangalore

Titan Integrity Campus is placed on a 6.5acre site that has a pond on the eastward and a road towards the north. The design has a very unique attachment with the site and the adjoining lake. Also, the idea is of utilizing every view possible to the lakeside makes any user a spectator of this serene setting.

Titan Integrity Campus – Banglore
Titan Integrity Campus – Bangalore

Case Study of Titan Integrity Campus

  • Architects –Mindspace Architects
  • Location- Electronics City, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Category-Offices
  • Area-390000 sqft
  • Project Year-2017
  • Energy Consumption Reduction: 30.39%
  • Energy Performance Index (EPI): 83.52 kWh/sq.m/year
  • GRIHA Provisional Rating: 5 Star Rating (Version 3.1)

Site Location

  • Electronic town, Bangalore, India
  • The corporate office block is found on a 6.5acre site that has a lake on the east side and a road towards the north.
  • Kuccha road towards east side together with veerasandra lake
  • Parking facility at the basement
  • Around 650 m of inexperienced pathways aboard landscape and bio lake
About Titan Integrity Campus – Bangalore


The purpose is of utilizing each view possible to the lakeside makes any user a spectator of this serene setting. So cascading green terraces give a feeling of elevated ground at each level. Lake and green spaces create a sufficient microclimate, therefore minimizing mechanical cooling. Also, green terraces are an extension of indoor building areas that allows one to work outdoors and stimulate interaction amidst flora and fauna.

Titan Integrity Campus – Banglore
Concept of Titan Integrity Campus

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  • Building is with longer sides facing North-South to bring in glare-free natural light.
  • The main winds blow from south to north.
  • The building was on the east-west axis therefore on have the most exposure on the north and south.
  • The building opens towards the north, taking advantage of glare-free light.
  • South wall is a double wall to produce insulation from the southern sun.
  • Free-flowing Cascading green terraces at every level
  • External staircases &Terraces offer insulation to the workplace
  • Interaction amidst the flora and fauna
  • A green wall in the west of the building shields the usable areas from the harsh western sun
  • Green buffer zone in between the green wall and usable areas any cuts off
Building Orientation

Planning Aspects

  • A bio lake that forms towards the east side of the site responds to the existing lake and would seem like an extension of it.
  • Moreover, an office building with all its ancillaries is planned around this bio lake. As a result, the building is located with longer sides facing North-South to bring in glare-free natural light
  • Porosity in planning and form that showing the continuous movement of breeze with wind tunnels creating a venturi effect. Usual areas are open and non-air-conditioned.
  • The 3-floor structure has a terrace garden at every level.
  • Also, free-flowing Cascading green terraces which are reminiscent of rice fields, that connect through external staircases offer a sense of elevated ground on every floor.
  • Green terraces not only allow one to work outdoors, stimulate interaction amidst the flora and fauna however conjointly trails for those who like leisurely walks. A walk along the proposed green walk path covers around six hundred fifty meters.
  • A green wall on the west side of the building shields the usable spaces from the harsh western sun. Green buffer zone in between the green wall and aesthetic spaces further cuts off the radiation.
  • A wide inviting staircase along cascading water body leads one to the central spine that connects to the water body and greenery beyond, evolution serenity.
  • This element of surprise that changes as the atmosphere around changes has the impact of renewing our appreciation for it so that it remains a recurrently pleasant surprise to the senses.
  • Water whether or not rest or in motion, strokes the human spirit. However, the reflection of the water takes over the central spine through the early morning hours.
Titan Integrity Campus – Banglore
Ground floor plan
First-floor plan
Titan Integrity Campus – Banglore
Second-floor plan
Roof floor plan

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About the Building

  • Firstly, the landscape formed as a vertical park where each level is a green terrace starting from the waterfront park at the ground level to the sky park at the roof level.
  • Solar panels are planned on the top of the building along the west side and above the service yard at the bottom of the building to generate on-site energy to adhere to twenty-five percent of the energy requirement.
  • However, a bio lake that forms towards the east side of the site response to the present lake and would seem like an extension of it. Office block with all its ancillaries propose around this bio lake.
  • Moreover, porosity in planning and shape that allows continuous movement of breeze with wind tunnels creating a venturi effect. Also, usual areas are open and non-air-conditioned.
Titan Integrity Campus – Banglore

Atriums at Titan Integrity Campus

  • The five atriums in the field vertically connect all the floors from basements bringing in natural light and also signify each of the departments
  • The voluminous atrium also creates vertical connectivity which connects inside to outside also brings the dynamic play of natural light throughout the day. Also, the design of the building is in such a way that each object like Watches, jewelry, eyewear, accessories, etc has its own zone. However, they connects to the other zones through voluminous atriums that bring light in and allows hot air to escape.
Titan Integrity Campus – Banglore
Conceptual Sketch of Atrium
Atriums in Layout

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GRIHA Aspects are as Follows:

Sustainable Site Planning

  • The existing tree was preserved and protected throughout construction and 411 new trees were planted.
  • Temporary sedimentation tanks along with soil erosion channels were created on-site.
  • Also, the preserved high soil was obstructed and temporary seeding was done to retain its fertility

Water Management

  • Reduction of 59.45% from the GRIHA base case has been demonstrated in the building water use by putting water efficient low flow fixtures
  • And also, the Reduction of sixty-two percentage from the GRIHA base case has been demonstrated in landscape water demand by using highly efficient drip and sprinkler irrigation systems.
  • Reduction of construction water.

Energy Optimization & Occupant Comfort

  • 60.96% of the habitable spaces are daylit and meet the daylight factors prescribed by the National Building Code of Asian Country.
  • Occupancy sensors are provided in meeting rooms.
  • Also, digital Timer control has been provided for hundred percent of the outdoor lighting system.

Low Energy Materials

  • 83.5% of the materials used for false ceiling, wall paneling, internal partitioning, and in-built furniture were of low energy.
  • Moreover, AAC blocks that were used for construction of load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls that contained sixty-eight percent of fly ash by volume.

Resource Management at Titan Integrity Campus

  • The project has provided the reprocessing waste storage room for the collection and storage of recyclable wastes for example: paper, glass, plastic, e-waste, mercury lamps, metals, and wet wastes generated at Titan office Space and the waste bins at each floor to collect the processable waste.
  • The project has diverted more than 85.2% of its construction waste for Recycling.
  • It has used materials with recycled content for more than 20.48% of the total material cost
  • The project has procured more than 33% of the materials within 400 miles radius from the project site.
  • The project has used 2.56% of the materials from rapidly renewable sources.

Indoor Environment Quality

  • In order to support increased IAQ and the long-term well-being of all occupants, more than the minimum ventilation rates as per ASHRAE standards have been provided.
  • The entire building is a non-smoking building which is ensuring the health and safety of all its occupants.
  • The project HVAC system is designed to provide fresh air requirements as per ASHRAE 62.1-2007 standards. In addition, the naturally ventilated portion of the project complies with the requirements for place and size of window openings, per ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2007, Section 5.1.
  • The project has used only Low VOC paints, adhesives, and composite wood without urea-formaldehyde to reduce the air pollution in the constructed areas.
  • The mechanically ventilated and mechanically conditioned project space that follows ASHRAE Standard 55-2004.
  • The project has views of the exterior for more than 93% of the regularly occupied areas.


GROUND HUGGING: Building keeps so that it gives a sense of being close to nature. Also, the pound and green terraces create an adequate micro-climate. In addition, the office block with all its ancillaries proposed around this bio lake.

Green Roof

However, the roof Gardens cover fifty-five percentage of the exposed roof area of the building – high reduction of heat gain.

Architectural Design Strategies of Titan Integrity Campus

  • Firstly, a continuous green axis from the beginning of the site across the atrium.
  • Large openings in building form on South and North sides.
  • Conservation of natural soil and trees.
  • Moreover, placing of the building has been planned to reduce ingress of solar radiation.
  • Green areas develop on tiny terraces.
  • Shaded landscape areas to reduce the ambient temperature.
  • In addition, surrounding open area which parking free by providing adequate parking in the basement.
Titan Integrity Campus – Banglore
The View Titan Integrity Campus

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