Top 10 Iconic Buildings in the World

The term “iconic” means “widely known and acknowledged especially for distinctive excellence,” according to Merriam-Webster dictionary. When it comes to buildings, iconic buildings are game-changers — representing nations, religions and economies. They connect past societies with current cultures. Today the world has many wonderful structures, of which many are known to you. But we also have some jaw-dropping buildings which force us to think about how they were built. So let’s check out the top 10 iconic buildings in the world:

10. The Cube Houses in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Cube Houses in Rotterdam, Netherlands

The Cube Houses of Rotterdam at Overblaak Street of Rotterdam city in the Netherlands are one of the best examples of iconic buildings in the world. These houses were built as if our world was upside down, just like the movie “Doctor Strange”. Also, the walls and windows of these houses are at an angle of 45 degrees. Designed by Peit Blom, these houses give an out of the world experience to its residents.

Cube Houses in Rotterdam, Netherlands

The Cube Houses were based on the concept of “living as an urban roof”. This implied high-density housing with sufficient space on the ground level since its main purpose is to enhance the space inside. Blom tilted the cube of a conventional house by 45 degrees and placed it upon a hexagon-shaped pylon. His design represents a village within a city, where each house represents a tree, and all the houses together, a forest. The central idea of the cube houses around the world is mainly optimizing the space, as a house, to a better distribution of the rooms inside. 

09. Kansas City Public Library in Missouri, USA

Public Library in Missouri, USA
Kansas City Public Library in Missouri, USA

On this superb library, you will not discover books inside however on the surface, because the building appears to be like like a bunch of books. Moreover, this is one of the most iconic buildings in the world as it will leave an impression on your mind. The Kansas Metropolis Public Library has an open-door coverage for patrons. 

In 2016, the Library’s Americorps VISTAs and the Outreach crew started a program. It is known as Espresso & Conversations for patrons to sort out the difficulty of homelessness inside the group. Throughout the assembly, the library supplies data to patrons on the subject of homelessness and different social points. Also, they invite open dialogue throughout this time. This program is model after a similar program from the Dallas Public Library. Also, the Kansas Metropolis Public Library has a program to assist immigrants. The Refugee and Immigrant Companies & Empowerment (RISE) program help immigrants by offering data on assets, which assist them to pursue citizenship.

08. The City of Arts and Science in Valencia, Spain

Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias
The City of Arts and Science in Valencia, Spain

This iconic building is the representation of culture and modern architecture and is in the centre of the water. The building is so futuristic that it doesn’t seem to be of this era. Also, it is at the southeast end of the former riverbed of the river Turia, which was drained and changed after a tragic flood in 1957. Moreover, the old riverbed is now a picturesque sunken park. An innovative design by Santiago Calatrava and Félix Candela, the project began the first stages of construction in July 1996. Also, this project has 5 buildings, i.e., Plaza, Imax theatre, Science Museum Park and Oceano Graphic Park. You guys will definitely enjoy visiting this place.

07. The Atomium in Brussels, Belgium : iconic buildings

Atomium building
The Atomium in Brussels, Belgium

Have you ever seen the biggest atoms in the world? They are in Belgium, and of course, is a building. And just like the atomic structure, you have to pass through tubes to go from one atom to another. They enclose stairs, escalators and an elevator (in the central, vertical tube) to allow access to the five habitable spheres, which contain exhibit halls and other public spaces. The top sphere includes a restaurant which has a panoramic view of Brussels. Designed by engineer André Waterkeyn and the architects Jean Polak and Andre Polak, this iconic building is inspired by iron’s 9 atoms.

This iconic building, Atomium was built as the main pavilion and icon of the 1958 World Expo of Brussels (Expo 58). In the 1950s, with the advancement of technology and science, and a structure depicting atoms was chosen to represent this. The Atomium depicts nine iron atoms in the shape of the body-centred cubic unit cell of an iron crystal, magnified 165 billion times.

06. La Muralla Roja in Spain

The Muralla Roja

The Postmodern apartment complex in Calpe, Spain designed by Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill- La Muralla Roja in 1968. In designing this building, Bofill referred to the architecture of North African casbahs. La Muralla Roja basically means Red Walls. This housing project is so beautiful that everyone will dream of living here. Also, these iconic buildings are on the shores of Spain. This apartment complex will give you an experience of Arabian architecture. Also, the striking colours of the outer and inner surfaces either contrast with nature or complement its purity.

Moreover, this appears like a fortress emerging from the rocky cliffs it sits on. It features a series of interlocking stairs, platforms, and bridges, also is a modern illustration of the circulation in a typical casbah, providing access to the 50 apartments that form La Muralla Roja.

05. Heydar Aliyev Centre in Azerbaijan : iconic buildings

Heydar Aliyev Centre is the main landmark of Baku and is a masterpiece by Zaha Hadid. Due to her fascination toward aliens, she designed this building as a part of some other planet. The Center represents the nation’s cultural programs and breaks from the rigid and monumental Soviet architecture of Baku, whereas it expresses the sensibilities of Azeri culture and the optimism of a nation towards the future.
On May 27, 2019, Heydar Aliyev Center hosted The Historic Masterpieces Exhibition, which included ancient artefacts from Georgia and Azerbaijan. Majority of arts belong to Gajar era and are worldwide known ceramic and metal works, canvases, miniatures and belongings of Fatali Khan, including his portrait. The exhibition also featured photographic collection by Dmitri Yermakov, a participant of the Russian-Ottoman War of 1877-1878.

04. The Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi

It seems to be one of the most impossible iconic buildings on earth due to its 18-degree tilt, which also makes it worlds most tilted building. Comparing to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which is only 4 degrees tilt. Leaning Tower of Abu Dhabi is another name of Capital Gate.
The Capital Gate ‘Feature Tower’ is an iconic development located on the exhibition site of the greater ADNEC masterplan. The tower is distinguished by a dramatic steel and glass facade with a striking organic form. With its cantilevered tea lounge and open-air pool deck, it provides a unique presence on the skyline of Abu Dhabi. Also, it gives a memorable identity to the exhibition centre. A sculptural stainless steel ‘splash’ flows down the front and at low-level forms the hotel entrance canopy. It flows over the existing grandstand and acts as a solar shading device for both the building and the grandstand seating.

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03. Lotus Temple in New Delhi, India: iconic buildings

This iconic building was designed by Iranian architect Fariborz Sahba in New Delhi. This worship place of Baha’i faith seems to be a lotus flower. The Temple located on a 9.7-hectare site near Nehru Place in South Delhi which is a place of worship open to all races, religions and castes. Inspired by the lotus flower, the design for the Lotus Temple consists of 27 free-standing marble-clad “petals” organized in groups of three to 9 sides.

The 9 doorways of the Temple open onto a central corridor barely greater than 40 metres tall. This corridor can seat 1,300 individuals and maintain as much as 2,500 in all. The floor is made of white marble from Penteli mountain in Greece, the same marble was used in the development of many historical monuments (together with the Parthenon) and other Baháʼí buildings. Together with its 9 surrounding ponds and gardens, the Lotus Temple property contains 26 acres (105,000 m²; 10.5 hectares).

02. The Mind House of Spain

The Mind House of Spain

This is one of the most iconic buildings in Guell park of Barcelona City, by the famous architect, Antoni Gaudi. Guell Park consists of a series of amazing houses. One such house is the Mind house which looks like some house from a storybook. This place will take you to the world of Harry Potter and The Hobbit.

The gate of the park has two gingerbread houses, one with the toadstool, the other has a toadstool and a cross-shaped window on the front wall. Outside the gates, there is a wide staircase with the fountains, Catalonian coat of arms and a huge mosaic lizard, which has become the symbol of Barcelona. A staircase leads to the top of the hill which has a huge terrace, surrounded by the long winding bench. The park terrace serves as a roof for the hall, embedded in the hill, with 86 Doric columns.

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01. The Rotating Tower in Dubai: Iconic buildings

The rotating of Dubai tower continues to be under construction, however, the renders of the constructing are amazing. This tower is 420 meters excessive and will alter its design by itself. This implies when you see this tower as soon as you’ll not discover it on the identical on the second look. The rotating flooring of the constructing simply makes it extra distinctive. The completion of constructing was expected in 2020 however because of the pandemic it’s delayed.

So friends, which building did you like the most? Please let me know in the comment section below.

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