Ng Teng Fong and Jurong Community hospital, Singapore

“Every patient a window” Ng Teng Fong and Jurong Community Hospital,...

Sustainability has become a necessity in buildings everywhere. It can widely see in residences and commercial outlets. Also, that has yet to penetrate public...

10 Plants for vertical Building Facades of India.

“Think vertical, go green "; an inventive voice speaks up against the rigid concrete heat pads. As landscapes disappear, cities cut with sharp angles...
The Rainbow Tree Tower - Breathing Building, Philippines

The Rainbow Tree Tower – Breathing Building, Philippines

Urban heat is one of the preeminent crises in recent years. In spite of being conscious to live compatible with the environment, at times...
10 Examples of amalgamation of nature and architecture

10 Examples of amalgamation of nature and architecture

Every little thing in Nature is Architecture – the entropic association of bushes in a forest. The hexagonal pods in a beehive, the composition of straw and leaves...
Biophilic Architecture

Biophilic Architecture: A revolutionary adaptation of Human Nature

Biophilic Architecture: In the last three decades, empirical evidence confirmed that designs that connect humans to natural contents and landscape configurations enhance humans' overall...

10 Examples of biodegradable materials in architecture.

As an architect, we need to overlook the whole life-cycle of a building, especially after demolition. How we tackle the demolition waste becomes just...
Top 5 Examples of Sustainability in modern architecture forms in the world

Top 5 Examples of Sustainability in modern architecture forms in the...

In today's modern world, Sustainability is shaping the building form of architecture in different ways. This article on archEstudy contains some of the examples...
Urban Jungle

Urban Jungle

China is rapidly developing enamors property to meet the requirement of the increasing population. As a result, it turns into the hub of different...
Carbon Neutral Architecture

What is Carbon Neutral Architecture? Examples of Carbon Neutral Architecture

 A carbon-neutral building defines by its ability to reduce energy consumption significantly. Therefore that combined with the low dependence on carbon energy sources to...



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Sangath- B. V. Doshi’s Studio

Sangath is the studio of architect B. V. Doshi designed by him located in the historic city...

Pearl Academy of Fashion- climate-responsive passive habitat

Morphogenesis Architects designed the campus of Pearl Academy of fashion. It is located in kukas, 20 kilometers...

Turning Torso – Wonder With The Twist

Turning Torso in Sweden by Architect Santiago Calatrava
Turning Torso is a beautiful residential skyscraper in Sweden and the tallest building in Scandinavia. It is...

Biomimicry Architecture: Eastgate centre – Harare, Zimbabwe

Most offices and shopping centers around the world look the same- glass facades with steel frameworks. These...