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Pioneer of Modern Architecture, Corbusier was born in the tiny Swiss town of l. a. Chaux-de-Fonds, Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris—better legendary by his pseudonym Le Corbusier was thinking to be the foremost necessary designer of the twentieth century. As a gifted designer, provocative author, factious urban planner, talented painter, and unequaled writer. As Corbusier was ready to influence a number of the world’s most powerful figures, effort AN unerasable mark on architecture that can be seen in almost any city worldwide.

Pioneer of Modern Architecture: Corbusier
Le Corbusier

Early life and Career

  • He attended a kindergarten that used Fröbelian methods
  • Attracted to the visual arts and studied at the La-Chaux-de-Fonds Art School under Charles L’Eplattenier
  • Architect René Chapallaz – Architecture teacher in school – large influence on Charles’ early works
  • In his early years, he traveled around Europe
  • Traveled to Paris – worked in the office of Auguste Perret – 1908
  • Berlin – worked in the office of Peter Behrens – met Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Walter Gropius – 1910 ~ 1911
  • Also, visit the Charterhouse of the Valley of Ema – influenced his architectural philosophy profoundly for the rest of his Life
  • Journeyed to the Balkans and visited Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Greece, filling nearly 80 sketchbooks with
  • Renderings of what he saw – 1911
  • During World War I, Charles taught at his old school in La-Chaux-de-Fonds
  • During these four years in Switzerland, he worked on theoretical architectural studies using modern techniques
  • Charles met the Cubist painter Amédée Ozenfant, in whom he recognized a kindred spirit – 1918
  • Charles-Edouard Jeanneret adopted Pseudonym – Le Corbusier – 1920

Five points of Architecture by Pioneer of Modern Architecture, Corbusier

  • Firstly, Pilotis – Replacement of supporting walls by a grid of ferroconcrete columns that bears the structural load is that the basis of the new Aesthetic.
  • Further, the free coming up with of the bottom plan—the absence of supporting walls—means the home is unrestraint in its internal use
  • In addition, the freestyle of the facade—separating the outside of the building from its structural function—sets the facade free from structural Constraints.
  • The horizontal window, that cuts the facade on its entire length, lights rooms equally.
  • Roof gardens on a flat roof will serve a domestic purpose whereas providing essential protection to the concrete roof.
  • As a result, most compactly summed up the 5 points of design – VILLA SAVOYE
Pioneer of Modern Architecture: Corbusier
Five points of Architecture by Pioneer of Modern Architecture, Corbusier

The Modulor

The Modulor could be a mensuration or proportioning system develop by Le Corbusier to place humans back in the middle of design and style. It’s a repeated proud human silhouette, that takes its place within the art and buildings formed by Le Corbusier. supported the golden magnitude relation and also the human proportions, it’s a shot of design, within the tradition of Vitruvius, to require a person’s dimension as a mathematical order. As a result, “The Modulor”, printed by Le Corbusier in 1949, is one of every of the foremost necessary writings in subject history and theory. The Modulor was employing, for instance, within the Unité d’habitation in Marseille and within the Convent La brain doctor. As a result, each of those fields of knowledge works by Le Corbusier are engineered per modulor dimensions.

Pioneer of Modern Architecture: Corbusier
modular by Corbusier

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Purist yet as genre items were creating within the style of paintings and drawings by Le Corbusier. Wood sculptures – objects that Le Corbusier was creating in his old age-  are among the creative works of Charles Jeanneret aka Le Corbusier. Within the art of Le Corbusier, in motifs, in forms and colors, icons of the subject of study of knowledge, artworks are continually depicting. As a result, several of his letters have paintings and drawings on them. Le Corbusier created a form of a secret and really non-public diary by painting on paper and canvases. As he grew older, he devoted himself a lot and a lot to the study of shapes, pictures, and colors. Which progressively captured his terribly own vogue. good work is that the “open hand”, a singular sign of offer and take, peace, happiness, additionally expressing the unity of humanity.

Furniture of Pioneer of Modern Architecture, Corbusier

As a young architect, Le Corbusier primarily working with pieces of furniture that had already designed. It absolutely was solely once his move to Paris and once he was already a celeb within the world of design. That his interest in interiors and interior style grew. Le Corbusier paid specific attention to tables, cupboards, and, at last, chrome and animal skin armchairs. trendy classics embrace the cubic LC2 animal skin chair from 1928 and also the 1929 daybed LC4, designed by Le Corbusier as a piece of furniture designer. For years, at the side of Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand, an exquisite choice of a designer piece of furniture was evolving that’s currently thinking as an indicator of class. The styles embrace around 340 distinctive works from style classics to minimalist pieces of furniture and furnishings from the post-1930s.

Pioneer of Modern Architecture: Corbusier
Furniture by Corbusier

Works of Pioneer of Modern Architecture, Corbusier

In addition the great pioneer of modern architecture, the architect has created a mess of beautiful buildings around the world. Here are some examples.

How Corbusier inspired BV Doshi

Doshi was deeply influenced by the Swiss-French designer autoimmune disorder Corbusier having worked with him within the Fifties. The modernist master instilled ideas of type, area, and movement that Doshi would later apply to his own work. “He never talked about architecture; he talked about people, seasons — we were talking about behavioral science,” he says. “Le Corbusier freed my mind.”


  • In 1937, Le Corbusier was named Chevalier of the Légion d’honneur. And in 1945, he was promoted to Officier of the Légion d’honneur. Also in 1952, he was promoted to Commandeur of the Légion d’honneur. Finally, on 2 July 1964, Le Corbusier was named Grand Officier of the Légion d’honneur.
  • Also, he received the Frank P. Brown Medal and AIA Gold Medal in 1961.
  • The University of Cambridge awarded Le Corbusier an honorary degree in June 1959.

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